What is a CSA?

Michael and I have recently joined a CSA.

What is a CSA? 

CSA stands for community sponsored agriculture; it’s a way of buying produce directly from the farmer.  Typically, you pay the farm a certain amount of money up front for a period of time, usually 3 to six months.  Then you pick up a box of produce once a week at a nearby drop off location.  The box contains a variety of fruits and veggies for the week.  This is a great way to get a variety of fresh seasonal produce while supporting local farmers. 

Is it expensive?

Our box is for 2-3 people, and it only costs $25 per week.  Think about it, you probably spend more than that much if you’re buying organic produce.  I’ve heard that food from CSAs often last longer because it is fresher than produce at your local grocery store. 

This is the CSA that Michael and I have joined.  We receive our first box on Sunday; I can’t wait!  One of the great things about not being able to pick out my own produce is that I’ll be forced to work with new products and get creative in the kitchen.  I will post back soon with lots of pictures of my beautiful fresh produce.  You can keep your flowers, I want a bouquet of produce, thanks!  😉


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