The Frugal Foodie

The husband and I figured out our budget this week . . . ouch!  My new goal is to try to buy less groceries.  Truth be told, I throw out a lot of food at the end of the week.  I’m overbuying at the grocery store for sure!  So how does a foodie manage the grocery bill while still cooking some fabulous meals?  Here are a few helpful hints:

Come with a plan!  Have an idea of what meals you want to cook that week and make a list of ingredients.  This will ensure that you don’t forget any items and avoid overbuying protein or produce.

Be flexible, see what’s on sale.  While having a plan can be very helpful, sometimes making adjustments in a recipe can help save a lot of money!  You wanted appples, but peaches are on sale, switch it up!

Buy versitile ingredients.  I always keep bell peppers on hand because there are thousands of uses for them!

Purposely underbuy.  You may run out of something towards the end of the week, but at least your produce will be fresher than it would be if you had bought it several days earlier.

Institute leftover night.  Make the night before a big grocery shop leftover night.  Each family member is for themselves on this one.  There might not be enough chili for the whole family, but maybe 1 or 2 people could finish it off while the rest of the family finishes off something else.  This makes extra room in the fridge and uses up those random leftovers.

Use your freezer.  When I notice that chicken or beef is on sale, I’ll buy extra and store it in my freezer for later use.  It may make your grocery bill look a little higher this week, but you’ll save in the long run.  Also, when you make a big batch of something like sauce or soup, save some in a container in the freezer for a night that you’re too busy to cook (don’t forget to label and date it!). 

Get creative.  Force yourself to use what’s in your fridge.  It can be really fun to think up new recipes to use the odds and ends you have left at the end of the week.

Do you have any tips for cutting your grocery bill?


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