Rest for the Weary

Saturday at the restaurant was crazy!  We served probably close to 200 guests.  I was working at the pantry station again, and we didn’t have a minute to catch our breath.  It was a blast!  The pace made the night just fly by!

Pamplemousse Salad

Smoked Seafood Platter

The weekend was a well earned rest after working 6 straight days at the restaurant.  Michael and I spent all Sunday together, which was so nice.  My new schedule is Tuesday-Saturday from 1:00-close, which means that our overlapping days are Saturday mornings and Sunday.  So, we try to spend as much of those days together as possible.

Sunday Morning Love

And in case you needed further proof that High Fructose Corn Syrup should be banned, here it is!


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One response to “Rest for the Weary

  1. Debbie

    I sweetheart! Sounds like you’ve been busy, but enjoying the fast paced restaurant business! I love seeing all your creations and reading about what you’re learning and what you’re up to!

    Thanks for the info on high fructose corn syrup! I am reading labels and steering clear of the junk. Wow, most of the cereals I like have it in there! I’m changing my eating habits quite a bit. BTW, I read that non-alcholic fatty liver disease (what Betsy was diagnosed with last summer) can be traced back to HFCS in juice boxes! That probably has a big factor for Bets! I’ve been buying lots of organic produce for our salads etc. Dad has never eaten healthier!

    Anyway: Thanks for your tips and info!
    PS: Dad and I were supposed to go to the Bahamas with Uncle Steve, but decided not to spend $2000 just for a long weekend. However, Uncle Steve told me that Leah is so into cooking. She was signed up to work with the Chef at Atlantis one afternoon. She’s following in your footsteps! Now if we could only get her to eat better! Kids: they’re so funny!

    I love you! Take care! Give my love to Michael as well!!!!

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