Cater Like a Rockstar

Yesterday was day 2 of my externship.  I got to the Mousse at 1:00 and was quickly put to work brunoising (cutting into tiny squares) bell peppers and mincing enormous amounts of parsley.  Just as I was finished, I was rushed into a van to go to a catering event.  We drove for a good 45 minutes to a place called Dana Point, which is the farthest north I’ve ever been in Cali.  We actually saw a beemer on fire along the way, totally crazy!  We arrived and I assembled hundreds of little lime curd tartlets and did odd jobs to help the rest of the staff.  We were very busy, the event was 1500 people!

This was a pretty ordinary party.  There were GoGo dancers and a DJ in a boom box.

There were In And Out trucks giving out burgers.

Oh, and Billy Idol performed.

Pretty standard evening, no? 😉

It was a great time and I’m starting to make contacts.  Networking is so important in this industry.

Sorry the picture quality isn’t great, but I was more focused on working than taking pics.

Off to the dog park!


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