Externship Day 1

Well, I survived finals!  Here are just a few of the plates I made, I got so busy that a few plates escaped the camera 😉

Roasted Beet Salad

Cheesy Grits with Lobster and Asparagus

Seared Lamb Loin with Beurre Rouge and Veggies

I had the weekend off and took full advantage of it!  On Saturday, we took Taxi to the dog beach, which has become one of our favorite things to do.  Michael and I had dinner at Pamplemousse so I could try it out before starting there.  We got the Medley of Five Starters, which included:  tuna tartare, lobster ravioli, tempura shrimp, cajun oyster, and a salad with lobster, grapefruit, and avocado.  It was soooo delicious!  I especially loved the salad, yum!  We enjoyed our appetizer with a basket of an assortment of breads, the cornbread was my favorite.  For dinner, I ordered the lobster, which came with truffled mashed potatoes and an assortment of baby veg.  It was amazing!  I was surprised by how much food there was!  During dinner, I spotted Chef Strauss in the dining room & I mentioned to our waiter that I would be starting my externship on Monday.  He had Chef come over so I could finally meet him.  He was very friendly and sent over dessert on the house:  chocolate peanut butter bome with vanilla gelato.  It was like a Rece’s Peanut Butter Cup but about 100 times better!  I was in a serious food coma!

Sunday Taxi and I went for a run and I made beef stew while Michael worked in the lab all day.  I drove up to La Jolla to have lunch with him at Elijah’s, which is a Jewish deli.  The food was delicious!  I ordered the mushroom barley soup with challah bread, which was tasty!  I ordered the California wrap which was just ham, turkey, avocado, and tomato.  It was good, but nothing special.  Michael ordered a breakfast trio, which came with challah french toast that I couldn’t stop eating, oops!  I also got a black and white cookie to go, which was not what I was expecting.  It kind of tasted like ginger; it wasn’t bad, but it just couldn’t hold a candle to Too Jays!

Monday was awesome!  I didn’t have to be at Pamplemousse until 1:00, so I got to spend the morning playing with Taxi.  We went for a long run, took a nap, and had lunch.  I got to work baking cookies and slicing deli meat.  Just 2 hours after I had started, Chef Strauss told me to go to the Omni Hotel to help cater the Liver Foundation Gala.  I didn’t get to do too much, mostly help plate and do a few odd jobs, but it was really cool to see how it all works.  Culinary events are always interesting because in this industry, what is appropriate and what is not appropriate is not clearly defined.  There are some chefs who are very serious and some who are terribly unprofessional.  It definitely makes me more aware of my own actions and what kind of chef I want to be (Alice Waters, obvi!).  I think it’s really important to find the right balance of fun and business.

It was a little weird and a little sad to not see my culinary school buddies in the kitchen.

ComfortTable at Kitchen 5

Another day, another adventure!  Today I’ll take some pictures!


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