Running a Restaurant

Another weekend, another Gator victory.  Saturday I was a college football junkie and spent all day sitting on my ass watching endless games.  There was much cheering, much laughing, and much drinking.

The usual suspects gathered to watch ND/Michigan and USC/OSU.  It was good times had by all . . . well, not so much for TJ who was less than thrilled with ND’s performance.   I’m so excited for next week’s Florida game.  We haven’t gotten to watch a Gator game yet this year since they’ve both been on ESPN 360, which we don’t get.  I just wish Tennessee hadn’t lost to UCLA, it makes the game a little less interesting.  Oh well, any excuse to stare at Tim Tebow for 4 hours 😉

Sunday was a day of recovery and healing.  Michael and I woke up feeling very hung over.  It was Starbucks to the rescue!  Big shout out to my cousin Sarah who is a total coffee enabler and sent us a gift card to the Sbucks!  Thank you!  We headed over to Regan’s keep him company while Kelly is out of town.  I left the boys to watch endless episodes of Dr. Who and went for a nice long swim.  I really think that the best hangover cure is coffee and swimming, I always feel so restored.  After my swim, we watched yet more football and just took it easy for the rest of the day.

At school today, we learned about the business side of owning a restaurant.  It was pretty simple, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the concepts.  Did you know that the profit margin on restaurants is about 6%?!  To make the $$, watching the budget is key!  We got out of class early, which was awesome!  I got so much accomplished!  Homework?  Check!  Nap?  Check!  Dinnah?  Check!  Gym?  Check!  This is ridiculous to admit, but I am currently watching yet more football!  Go Chargers!!


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  1. Bridget

    Wow, great pict! Starbucks is amazing! 🙂

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