Adventures in Little Italy

I could get used to having Tuesdays and Thursdays off!  I got up this morning, ate breakfast and lounged around for a bit.  I messed around on the internet for a while before doing a little research for my paper.  I considered Anthony Bourdain, but I already know so much about him, then Giada de Laurentiis whose biography I found to be a little dull.  Finally I settled on Alice Waters, who I find totally fascinating, I’m posting my essay in a separate post.  Halfway through the paper, I got restless and went out for a 5 mile run.  It was alright, but I was feeling a little sluggish and because it was later in the day, it was unbearably hot.  I ended up walking about half of it.  Oh well, at least I got out of the apartment for a bit.  During my run, I saw a sign next to a huge tree inviting people to help themselves to the figs growing.  Check them out:


I consulted the “Visual Food Encyclopedia” and determined that they are black figs.  I love that book!  It’s so beautifully illustrated and has so much information, definitely a great resource!  I had never had figs before, and they were a tasty treat!  The inside was so beautiful, it kind of reminded me of a pomegranate.

I got back to the apartment after my run to realize that the water would be shut off for maintenance for a few hours.  So, I decided to head to the gym to lift weights for a bit.  I came home to eat lunch and shower.  Then it was off to the dentist, no cavities!!

Tonight Michael and I strolled through Little Italy and found a fantastic restaurant, Little Italy Spaghetteria.  I ordered the Veal Parmesan, and Michael ordered the John Gotti pizza.  I think that if people were not meant to eat baby cows, God would not have made them so tasty 😉  The food was really good and the atmosphere was really fun.  There were pictures of famous Italians on the walls and there was a really good Italian band.  The service was quick and very helpful.  The entire staff was Italian, and so were many of the patrons (the sign of a great Italian restaurant).  Afterwards, we hit a gelato shop for gelato and coffee.  It was the perfect ending to the day!



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2 responses to “Adventures in Little Italy

  1. Bridget

    Little Italy Sounds amazing 🙂

  2. Bridget

    Fig is beautiful too.

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