Rise and Run!

I’ve always been an afternoon/evening runner, but lately I’ve realized that I need to transform into a morning runner if I want to improve my race times.  If I put off my run to later in the day, I have a tendency to get busy doing other things or just make up an excuse not to go.  Another reason to pound the pavement early is that most races take place in the mornings, so it would be good to get my body accustomed to running first thing in the am.  The problems?  Dragging my butt out of my nice comfy bed!  Class starts at 8:00 am, so I have to get up around 6:00 to squeeze in a run, shower, breakfast, make lunch, and rush out the door.  I’m hoping that as time goes on, my body will adjust to this new schedule and it will become more natural. 

This morning I felt like I was running half asleep with lead in my shoes.  Oh well, at least I managed to get my butt out the door.  That’s the first step!  Ever since the half marathon, I’ve been feeling a little sore and running pretty slowly.  I was disappointed with my performance at the Fire Run last week until I discovered this article from Runners World.  Apparently you’re supposed to give yourself a recovery after a long race of one day per mile raced.  So, I should have taken it easy for 2 weeks after the half I ran, that explains a lot!  Maybe a race the week after my first half marathon wasn’t the most brilliant plan ever!  Oops!  I’m going to slow down my runs and allow my body to recover, no injuries for me, please!  I’ve got a serious year of racing ahead.  I’ve got to remember:  It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon . . . literally!


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